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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EST

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so. back to watching our t.v. now i report in the brit. media says the u.k.
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is on standby to stand warplanes to the persian gulf they nation of which aims to boost the british presence in the turbulent region comes after talks whether united arab emirates were the jats are expected to be stationed but given israel's persistent calls on its western partners to attack iran's nuclear facilities a move such as a london's is bound to destabilize the situation in the region says anti-war activists john reese this is not the first report we've heard all western increased deployments in the area there have been a whole spate of them in recent weeks and months which all point in the same direction of increased u.s. british and other western nations deploying a great deal more than the normal commitment to the gulf area not big enough in normal times i think we all understand what the imperial structure of the of the middle east is and that is that the western powers britain and america with the support britain and other western european powers believe that it has an absolute
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right to control this area of the globality employees the israeli state has its watchdog we reached henri's that the israelis and the u.s. have now come to an agreement about a time scale within which they must deal with iran so that's going to happen the day after the u.s. elections but i do think that things will move on and will be clear exactly what the program deploying further pressure on the iranian regime is in a week or so is time people living in east london have said resolving knows hanks to plans to build europe's largest mosque in their backyard right next to the side of the summer's olympics at artie's bali boyko found out along with the sheer size of the project the locals are uncomfortable with these lama group which is developing the site. four times bigger than some paul's cathedral a mega mosque that will fit ten thousand people and it could be coming to london's east end if it gets the go ahead it's built the river in center will be the same
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size as london's looming but as a power station it would also be the biggest place of worship in the u.k. of any religion but critics have slammed the proposal saying that it would create a muslim yes or in the course of half or so working to bring the largest mosque the u.k. has ever seen in to reality revered architects planning consultants and glitzy p.r. teams all paid for by the organization behind the idea to match a group that's causing significant concern this is a return beat him out of all the islamic groups has created ghettos over in toronto you know and kind of right there around the world is a huge group and wherever they go they create barriers they create hostility they create division they create separatism whether it's unassuming name the riverine centers website claims there's a demand for a new muslim place of worship in culturally diverse east london not that they're happy to talk about it it's representatives refused to speak to us when we
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approached the proprietors cite home to their current mosque it does not want to integrate the grounds on which search trying to set up here in britain in a big way and to the british they are and the worst food but actually they're also anti worldly they're also worldly but this is not just going to be a mosque this is going to be a center of training in which to reach out to islam is muslims to harden up and mediƦval lives. of ordinary muslims in this country and i mean so many muslims don't want that the problem here is that. muslims themselves are opposing this mosque more in the grounds that they don't want to worship their god but on the grounds that women aren't allowed the local population of muslim population has no on the site and how the mosque itself is governed or the local
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authority would say to us as. a planning application as this is currently being it would be inappropriate to comment at this stage in many ways if this went ahead to be like a tipping point. there be no stopping fundamentalist islam if this one goes up well if that happens we'll need to leave the country for the last one out please turn the lights off while the council ponders campaign as head of the religions say they hope the decision makers choose carefully just today let's set up shop in the british capital. r t east london. and while you can always look up more news website. that wouldn't be so easy if you were searching for wiki leaks and the us national archives as a service has recently blog and a search which contain the name or any keywords of there was a low website had to r t to get all the latest on that story.
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and an elephant in south korea probes a trunk is no obstacle to talking head to our website r.t. dot com for that story and more. well base pharmaceutical companies span a fortune developing medicines to cure the world's diseases their products are often affordable to people in developing countries and india however one by a lab is working on a vaccine which could save thousands of lives and cost just a dollar or has more on that story. this is india's genome valley inside these quiet sterile labs there's a revolution taking place that could change the world's approach to public health and potentially save the lives of one hundred thousand indian children every year
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bharath biotech is an indian firm developing a one dollar vaccine against rotavirus a disease which causes diarrhea in infants and is deadly in the developing world i think fall so like a new generation and most like us ok money making is also important but then solving that life saving those life or two hundred thousand to dissolve somebody's critical a new study shows india is leading the way in treating people in remote areas in battling diseases which are shunned by the big pharmaceutical companies because immunizations in the developed world have all but a bullet or rated them dr krishna ella believes the big pharma companies haven't really dived into creating products for developing markets because they haven't had the financial incentive and that's why like many of his fellow indian entrepreneurs he decided to look into it himself there was a lot of the focus of that short our shareholders are good in mind but there was a value in research for one billion dollars on a product i made
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a five billion dollars says because there's nothing going. on with them are going to be well more focused on the negative this is because it's not a global importance india's leap into innovating for the under-served began when the country began complying with the global intellectual property law it forced them to stop making only cheap copies of existing drugs and branch out instead into new research and development creating vaccines isn't the only way to battle neglected diseases diagnostic tests are also key to identifying what the problem is this fabric chip is being developed here to chair a lab in bangalore the idea is with just one drop of blood on the spot for me you could diagnose at home or in a doctor's office potentially reaching millions of people in this country who don't have access to proper health care dr done jiah done the koori. the brains behind the fabric chip believes that other more profit driven companies will start to take an interest once they realize just how big this market really is a volume just like the strips or ones there's like millions or billions of this
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being sold no matter how cheap each one is and people who get interested maybe the price point i can part of my to do more than that in the west but it's going on but it starts making sense and the report into india is growing r. and d. capabilities as the country might not need that big power players to make an impact in india has that it was that man in the talent to be able to do these sorts of things and focus on the areas that are important in this country and other developing countries taking matters into their own hands to save the lives of their countries people and not waiting for the big profit driven pharmaceutical companies to make the first play preassure either r.t. bangalore india. today r.t. talks to political analyst and sociologist goldstone who explains how the e.u. and the us could return to the path of economic growth.
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if you are passing through russia's to very region you really can walk on the wild side thousands of kilometers of unspoiled countryside make up an area where it's still possible to live off the learned and enterprising locals so the fruits of the forest by the side of nearly every road such spectacular scenery makes it a paradise for fisherman and provides a business opportunity for hunches. you know he has been hunting for more than thirty years and works for a company providing expeditions for tourists this season ducks are on the menu. for two things a successful duck hunting. and a bubble silence which means that i need to be very quiet i'm not going to write in the. office. but when you've been in the business as long as he has the birds don't stand much chance. there are defined hunting seasons in russia but lax enforcement means many animals are killed out of
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the allotted times which can leave young animals orphaned and unable to survive but environmentalists are fighting back the heart of just u.s. forest provides a sanctuary for the most famous beast in russia it's home to a group who rescue often bear cubs and raise them when they're old enough to fend for themselves the cubs a target taken to a remote location and released back into the wild but it's not just bears who find a haven here this is wolf island here wolf pups have been captured by hunters or bought from zoos have a second chance at life and conservationists have a unique opportunity to observe them these walls are all around four months old and they'll stay in this area for up to three years then most will go back to the wild for good just viewing them from the car was an experience in itself but then after a bit of a bumpy ride came an opportunity i just couldn't pass up. and
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this is where i was hoping for when i heard i was coming to a place called wolf i had a chance to get close and personal with the locals and it's these guys are going to act as foster parents for the next generation of wolves who come here. using the old awards as surrogate parents has already proved a successful technique. every year i place infant wolves with one year old wolf cubs his parental instinct is totally shaped and they take them as their own cubs it's an important part of the world's development and a major factor in the success of a project which has seen more than twenty generations of cubs grow up here it's going to continue to take time and money to rehabilitate the wolfs reputation in russia. but the keepers here hope their research and dedication will mean that we foil and remains a place where visitors can truly understand the cool of the wild. which
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brightened. from loans to.
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dot com. jack goldstone a us writer ron sociologist specializing in many things including global population trends and also the cultural origins of economic growth it's great to have you with us sir today thank you now even before they were inception some skeptics were coming out and putting out arguments on why the euro wouldn't function and besides to economic arguments to were. also saying the cultural differences were at the huge problem between the different states saying that labor habits are different spending and saving practices are different and many other reasons so how much of
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all of this is actually playing in to the economic and political divide that we're seeing right now in the european union the euro was invented really as part of a program to overcome nationalism where nationalism is perhaps an excessive attachment to some of those cultural differences that you mentioned the problem with the euro i don't think lies in the cultural differences it lies in the lack of a unified institutional framework for banking and financial decision making but have has the problems with the euro now magnified to cultural differences and the problems in country cultural differences well unfortunately when you have an economic crisis and national politicians try and find a solution it's always tempting to try and find a solution that respects the cultural differences because those are often the strongest feelings that people have in a crisis there are two ways to go with regard to the current euro crisis one is to
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build institutions for a european banking supervisor and a european financial administration and european leaders are working on these the other direction to go is to emphasize the differences among european countries and try and tailor the way the euro functions to respond to those differences. there will be some of that because we're seeing deals with spain and with greece we saw deals with ireland and portugal all of that does respond to those feelings of cultural difference but i think in the long run the whole goal of the euro is to minimize the impact of those cultural differences on people's standard of living. and on their financial environment a couple of kept questions arise right away talking a little bit more on cultural differences yes we see different european leaders work on a common solution to save the game or to save the unity of the european union but
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still it seems so heart to find an agreement is specially if we see how germany is reacting to greece and how the u.k. is opposing the e.u. financial policies for example so is it lack of trust or is it yet once again the cultural differences that really come in the way of their finding the common solution there are cultural differences but they're not just european national differences if that was the only issue then the united states as one nation would be able to solve its policy problems by agreeing on a solution as you know the united states right now is very divided between republicans and democrats who have different ideas about how to solve our economic problems and so very little is getting done in europe germans have a belief that the way to solve the problems is by more saving and more fiscal discipline the southern european countries believe the way to go forward is to
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promote economic growth and not worry so much at this moment about the debt those differences are very similar to those between american democrats and american republicans well from the latest of french president francois hollande has said that europe must advance at several speeds so some believe that we would be seeing the inevitable the emergence of the two tariq europe i think there is a possibility i've written about that myself at the moment the levels of productivity in different european countries are large one can compensate for that with a unified set of financial structures but then that will take time. for those structures to overcome the differences the instant way to say ok we have differences in productivity let's have a marked difference in the financial system for different countries and that would
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require splitting the euro whether it's a two tier system or a different access system or even perhaps in some extreme cases a return to national currencies i don't you've been bringing up the united states a lot we are going to have presidential we are going to have presidential election in the us and yes we are. domestic economy very much in focus at this point and although the united states economy is exposed to europe when you look at it willy hasn't taken a toll on it as much as one would expect why is that they don't obama just get plain lucky well i don't want to argue about whether obama is lucky or not there's a lot of evidence that he is unlucky and there is a lot of evidence that he has good luck we'll find out which is true when the election actually occurs but as regards the american economy the obama administration spent a lot of money on stimulus indeed if you look at net spending in the united states it has been much stronger since the onset of the recession in two thousand and
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seven than in most european countries european countries have been living according to their belief in austerity so they have reduced government spending and they have raised taxes the united states was not able to raise taxes and did increase government spending now there's an argument about which is the best approach to restore growth i really believe what the american experience shows is that you shouldn't raise taxes during a recession you should increase government spending and the reason european countries have had greater trouble is they have done what i think shouldn't be done they followed a austerity policy before the recession was over i remember president obama got a great deal of criticism in. very beginning when we actually went for the stimulus packages and for the injection of stimulus and to the american economy but then again and it worked out like you said it worked out better than it did in europe but then again can the measures that are taken to. fix the american economy
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be taken into europe going to say measures to fix you up as well or you do when you do need to have different approaches because it is two different things still there are different things europe essentially has a double problem they have how do we get southern european and northern european economies to move in the same direction and for that i think the answer is don't pursue austerity pursue growth and then there's a second problem of once countries are all moving in the same direction can you fix the european financial system and create united structures so that this problem doesn't appear again as it may appear in the next economic difficulty if the current division among national financial systems isn't isn't fixed as the author of the over book on global population trends you have argued that the most
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important thing is really the distribution of population now that the richer commies are really out of steam and the global economic crisis god knows how long it will stay around will these sick commie sexual be capable of absorbing. even new scores of immigrants as they were for the last century well i think there's a third adjustment that europe has to make aside from responding to the existing crisis and improving the unity of financial structure and that is europe has to adjust to the reality of zero population growth. europe after all was the fastest growing part of the world for much of the nineteenth century and even into the twentieth century and yet we're looking at a twenty first century in which most european countries will have very little or no population growth that means the structure of welfare health care pensions housing
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all is going to have to change now i am seeing very hopeful signs in many european countries that they recognize becoming more open to immigration and doing a better job of integrating the recent immigrants that they already have are going to be very important for restoring economic growth so i don't think there's a choice there i just think it's a question of how soon does europe accept the reality that its population needs to be supported by immigration and that that's going to provide more of a benefit not a threat keeping in mind everything that you've sat and if everything goes by your scenario. and america's still today being the best places on earth to leave according to living standards. will they be america and europe be able to sustain their living standards like they are today i think they'll be able to sustain them to a good degree because they have the technology and the capital but it will take sensible
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economic policies if europe and the us continue to spend way too much on public benefits like pensions and don't pay enough attention to research and education to raise the productivity of future workers then things will decline so there is the risk that we got it wrong on the other hand there's no reason that european and american people and companies won't profit from the growth that takes place in places like china and india it's already a global economy so i think the prospects are good but let me also. say even though places like shanghai or mumbai may not be as rich as london or paris they have their own attractions being at the center of something new and exciting and growing fast can be just as attractive as being in a place like zurich that has a lot of old but stable well jack goldstone thank you very much for this interview pleasure to be here thank you very much.
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